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Self-care Saturday: Do More of What You Love

Virginia Gates

Today's self-care Saturday was about reconnecting with what makes me feel most free and most at peace. In a word: horses. Finding true melt away relaxation and happiness in today's hustle and bustle is difficult. I am lucky in that my profession is based doing what I love. I don't have to sit behind a desk all day or work long hours for a company who doesn't value me. I work for some of the best clients around! But, I am constantly working. I take clients and do sessions everyday of the week. I am glued to my laptop editing and marketing or my phone answering emails and connecting with my clients. Not to mention I spend my days wrangling two kiddos under 5. If the baby isn't trying to eat a penny or the oldest isn't profoundly disappointed in her choice of clothing for the day, it just isn't a normal day. So getting time away for myself is a struggle (I think most parents feel that way). But today is self-care Saturday, a tradition my husband and I are taking to heart and I hope you are too! Kim very graciously let me come out and hop on a CTRP favorite, Seabreeze. 

Seabreeze is one of my absolute favorite horses at the barn. He's an older Thoroughbred with a colorful past that includes racing, fox hunting first flight, dressage, and now therapy lessons. He has a sensitive mouth and is very intune with his rider's seat. I adore how much he tries for his riders and how he loves a good canter. I had no idea how badly I needed a good canter! It's been months and months, almost a year since I was on a horse. Aboard a horse my anxieties quiet, all I can focus on is the work in front of me and responding to the horse beneath me. It puts my soul at peace to feel that kind of freedom. Now that I am embarrassingly sore (after one ride, how did I get so old and out of shape?!) and sitting down to begin my evening routine with the kiddos, I encourage you to do something this weekend just for yourself. Make your favorite meal, paint your toenails, hop on a beloved horse. You deserve to feel like yourself and own that piece of happiness that makes your face hurt from grinning. Be well friends.