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Lifestyle Session at Old McFaye's Farm

Virginia Gates

I was so excited when Liz contacted me for a lifestyle family session at Old McFaye's Farm. Faye is Liz's mother-in-law, and if you've never been to her lovely farm you simply must! It is an amazing haven to those among us who see beauty in the simplicity of barns, find peace in chickens dotting the ground, and at home where ponies and donkeys graze with abandon. I think idyllic is an understatement! Faye opened the property after working with special needs students for many years and feeling underwhelmed with the options to expose school age children to life on the farm in a real hands-on way. Liz asked that I follow Faye and her three children as they fed the evening meal to all the animals capturing the way each child embraced their important role in the process. There is something so sweet and so special about the way grandchildren look up to their grandparents. Throw in amazing farm animals and golden hour? It made for one of my favorite all time sessions. I hope you enjoy and take the time to drop by Old McFaye's Farm on one of their open farm days and say hello to Bubbles the pony for me!