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O'Connell Family Session at Wrightsville Beach

Virginia Gates

Y'all, there is something I really want to say about what I do. I capture moments in time. Are you laughing? Does this seem obvious? Well, it is! But, it's important too. This day with your family, these moments when you children are exactly as old as they are, the way your Mom looks at her new granddaughter, these are fleeting times. There will be a day in the future when you will look back on the sleepless days of your baby's infanthood with a foggy mind's eye and try to remember how it felt. And this is where I come in. I want to give you those moments forever. I want you to be able to hang them proudly on the wall and say to your kids, "This was when you were 6 weeks old and the wind was howling and Grandma and Grandpa held your feet to keep you warm because they love you so much." 

These are amazing, beautiful, unforgettable times we are living every single day. Every day that we wake up and are able to wrap our arms around the ones we love are worth celebrating. I would love to be able to capture your beautiful days. The days we will look back on and smile over even though this was the session that almost didn't happen with closed venues, cars running out of gas, extreme winds, crying babies, and a hotel fire alarm blaring. The O'Connell family was together for Easter and that was a beautiful enough reason to celebrate. I was so excited to take these for my sweet friend, Sarah. As the member of my family who has to capture every moment of every year (no matter how annoying to my family I may be), I can speak from experience when I say, the day you pour over your family albums with your kids when they are older will bring you right back to this place and your heart will smile. So please, keep taking photos. Keep being in photos. Keep savoring these wonderful days.