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Each hour long family, maternity, and children's portrait session is tailor-made to showcase this amazing season of life you're in. No matter what season that is, I can promise it's one to be documented. I will pose you and have some (fairly silly) prompts to keep the session light hearted and natural. My style is a good mix of formal and candid. Do you feel awkward in front of the camera? Worried to death your crazy toddler won't cooperate? Felt like it was a mad rush to get your people clean, clothed, and out the door and now wondering if there is enough bribery to make everyone get along for the next hour? Don't worry, I've got this. My ideal clients are real people, just like you and me. The beautiful images you see on my site are not faked and I guarantee every single family pictured grumped their way through the door until they arrived at location to shoot. I have patience and photoshop, I've found most everything can be fixed with those two things. I promise you, the work will be beautiful, the hour will pass quickly, and you will want to remember exactly how zany that toddler is, the way your husband looks at you when you laugh, how small your children's hands seemed in your own, and how much you love this life. I want to be the photographer that captures that for you, in fact, it would be an honor.