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Your beautiful life deserves to be documented. There is a transience and permanence to photography that has always drawn me. Here one minute, gone the next, saved forever. Click the shutter too slow, don't pay enough attention, and you'll miss it. I've spent the last decade training my eye to capture every way the light shines beauty into our everyday lives. My style has evolved into a mix of lighthearted fun and vibrant emotion. I like to believe clients continue to come to me for their portraits because they know they will receive a service and a product that they can't find anywhere else. I'm incredibly proud of that. When I put my camera to my eye, a piece of my heart goes with that image: the feeling of the session, the bond between my subjects, the beauty they may not be able to see themselves. I've devoted my life to capturing the world around me, it has been a path that I would choose over and over again. Photography has led me to meet the most amazing clients, taken me to far away places I've only dreamt of, allowed me to support good works in our community through my alliance with the Coastal Therapeutic Riding Program, and inspired in me the rawest determination for education and growth. What began as a way for me to process life around me in a tangible way, photography has become my biggest passion and way of life. When I'm not working I enjoy raising my sweet, silly babes, re-reading Outlander, and being out on the water with my family in the boat my husband built.